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Our software solution for your patent research. Search in an inventory of over 110 million patent documents, consolidated to 60 million patent families. Increase your hits by combining Boolean and semantic searches. Benefit from one of the largest patent searching databases worldwide and an extensive full-text coverage. is integral part of infoPatent, our in-house patent information system

Benefit from the following key advantages:

  • Global full-text coverage 
  • Improved quality and increased number of hits 
  • Save time thanks to family-consolidated hit-lists 
  • Machine translations into English 
  • Clear intelligent presentation of the patent information 
  • Store your queries and results for re-use 
  • Evaluate and analyse your results with powerful statistical methods 
  • Export patent data and analysis results 
  • Easy and intuitive handling of the system


  • About 110 million patent documents, consolidated into 60 million patent families
  • Largest possible full-text coverage continuously being expanded
  • Machine translations into English are included
  • Request human translations directly out of the application
  • Updated on a weekly basis


  • Field-based Boolean search including fuzzy logic
  • Semantic similarity-based search
  • Advanced statistical techniques
  • Unique combination of Boolean and semantic search
  • Relevant conceptual hits using the semantic search 
  • Significant increasing the amount and improving quality of your hits

Saving time 

  • Family consolidation (INPADOC rules) of hits
  • Automatical correlation of single patents
  • Complete patent family including all key information displayed in a clear layout
  • Different views of the hit list (representative main drawing, descriptions, abstracts, citations, etc.)

current data coverage

For more detail information about please see the product flyer: 

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