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Increase the competence of your patent work with infoPatent. Experience the benefits of our family consolidated in-house system valued already by 70.000 satisfied users worldwide. Highly flexible, our customers ranges from small and medium-sized enterprises up to large internationally operating corporations. A comprehensive global patent coverage, powerful features and an adaptive workflow are the keys of the system.

Visual insight

Collaborate effectively

  • New user guidance & streamline workflow
  • Add image easily to remarks 
  • Communication, sharing and processing  

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Incorporate internal data

  • Family consolidated
  • Classifying & archiving
  • Sharing & searching

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Work intuitively

  • Detailled viewing on single document
  • Linked to register
  • Add redacted abstract easily

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Global Data

  • Search through about 110M patent documents
  • Benefit from global full-text coverage including machine translations into English
  • Increase quality and quantity of search results by unique combination of Boolean and semantic searches
  • Manual or fully automatic searches


  • Save time through family consolidated hitlists
  • Structure your results in costumised directories
  • Use automatic infoPatent classifier module and/or manual classification of patents
  • Benefit from easy, clear and customizable presentation of data with all detail information needed


  • Assess patent information in a structured and transparent process depending on user roles 
  • Simplified ease of use for developers and patent managers
  • Benefit from automatic e-mail alerts and automatic legal status monitoring
  • Increase information quality with extensive statistics and analysis functions

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