infoPatent for attorneys

The Challenge

You need a professional and easy to use software solution to increase the efficiency of your collaboration with your clients. You want to inform your clients fast and easy about relevant patents and get direct feedback and assignment. You also want to communicate more efficiently by reducing the amount of paperwork, e-mails and phone calls. 

The Solution

infoPatent for attorneys is the professional solution to create a highly effective workflow when it comes to processing patent information for attorney and their clients. Benefit from the biggest global patent database available right now. Reduce the reading effort significantly by using intelligent monitoring, automated alerts and family consolidated hit lists.

Benefit from the unique workflow of infoPatent: Attorneys and clients use the same user interface to share, asses and take measures on patent information. This is done clearly structured, transparent and with high security in the most efficient way possible. Through e-mail alerts like newsletter and reminder attorneys and clients get automatically alerted when a new patent is found or a job has to be done. The easy to use interface needs no explanation and it can used right from the start. All actions taken by attorney or client are getting recorded so the whole process appears transparent at any stage. Additional features like the fully automated surveillance of change in legal status increase the comfort of the application furthermore.

That makes infoPatent for attorneys to the perfect tool to share, assess and assign measures on patent information!  


Patent Attorney and/or clients and/or IP Experts at infoapps set up the monitoring jobs. Due to intelligent monitoring all relevant patents for the mandate can be filtered out of one of the biggest global patent databases including large amounts of full text and machine translations of various languages into English.

With automated alarms the users can get informed about (only) new incoming patents so that they would never have to look at a patent twice. Due to family consolidated hit lists the reading effort reduces furthermore.

Patent Attorneys and/or clients can also do manual searches in the database by using classic Boolean search as well as an innovative semantic search tool.

Once the relevant Data is gathered it can be easily distributed to the specific experts for assessment. This step is done by assessment profiles in which the patents appear in several to do lists that are easy to work through. The patent assessor just has to decide whether the patents are: 1. not relevant, 2. interesting or 3. affects business. If the patent family is assessed as affect business the further workflow starts. In Addition the patent assessor is also able to chose from various “affect business details” and can add remarks as free text to his assessment.

By setting up e-mail newsletters and/or e-mail reminders all users that are assigned to a certain assessment profile get informed about new patent families to assess or earlier patent families that has not been assessed yet.

Once the patent family is assessed as “affects business” the patent attorney or mandate has to decide which measure on the singular patent in the family should be taken. These range of measures is broad and can be e.g. put it on monitoring for legal status change or start an opposition or do a nullity research.

Once an action has started it is noted e.g. as “opposition filed” also as if the action is finished e.g. “opposition closed” which also means that the workflow for this singular patent in the application is finished.

During the whole assessment process all actions and assessment are shown in an ongoing table which makes it transparent for every user.

By using the infoPatent for attorneys enables you to establish a highly effective and secure workflow between you as a patent attorney and your mandate.

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