Patent Data

The Challenge

You are looking for a global patent database that enables you to find every digital available patent in the world including a large amount of full-text and machine translation. And you want to search in this global database with both Boolean and semantic search capabilities.  

The Solution – infoapps own global online patent database with the largest data coverage available right now. Here you can search in over 100 million patent documents consolidated to 50 million patent families. Increase the quality and quantity of your hits by using the combination of Boolean and semantic search. Benefit also from the extensive full-text coverage, large amounts of machine translations and the possibility to demand human translations directly out of the system. Plus make yourself independent from the data offered by the patent offices.  

Data Coverage

The database contains data of about 100 million patents, respectively 50 million patent families.

Largest possible full-text coverage is offered, and it is continuously being updated and expanded. Full-texts (descriptions, claims) are generally available in English, German, French and Spanish; other original languages are offered optionally.

Machine translations into English are available also. Here you can choose between a Europe-, America- or Asia-Package or a World-Package which includes all of the three. You have also the possibility to demand human translation easily directly out of the system.

The database is updated weekly.

For data coverage details please Download/See the tables at the bottom of this page.   

Higher hit quality and quantity

In, a field-based Boolean search is combined with a semantic similarity-based search. The Boolean search mask contains full-text keyword search as well as a search for bibliographical patent data (title, abstract, classifications, citations, publication numbers, publication and/or grant dates, etc.).

Once the data is transferred into the infoPatent Archive in the Boolean search mask all customary key patent parameters can be searched for as well, but also a number of application specific parameters, e.g. individual comments, assessments, classifications.

The semantic search is a novel approach, where patent families can be found by freely entering any descriptive text you choose, into the search mask. It gives you the possibility of inputting arbitrary text elements (e.g. free-text definitions, patent descriptions, product brochures). The application processes this input in innovative semantic linguistic algorithms, condenses it to its essential meaning (“invention cloud”) and then compares it to the content of all documents in the patent database.

The result will be returned within seconds and delivers documents which are similar in essence to the original text. This way, you are able to retrieve documents which you might have missed by just applying the strictly field-based criteria.  

Thanks to the unique combination of Boolean and semantic searches, you are able to significantly increase the amount of your hits and improve their quality!  


Tables Data Coverage

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