“InfoPatent is an extremely powerful solution to collect, monitor and manage huge amount of information relevant to intellectual property.”

Vincent Delattre

GTX Medical is developing a therapy combining a spinal cord implant with body-weight support training. The Company aims to functional recovery and the quality of life of people with spinal cord injury. This hig-tech development is supported by the innovative infoPatent solution.

The challenge

Method survey
One of big challenges is to cover the complete filing activities in the IP-landscape of required technologies for enabling G-Therapeutics therapy.

Time saving
Reduction of effort spending on IP for large amount of patents, thanks to filters to identify and address the relevant right ones as soon as possible.

Global surveillance
Watching competitors activities and technology development with high security in the relevant markets.

The solution

Thanks to the workflow enabled by infoPatent, engineers immediately get informed about new patents to assess and can give their opinion quickly. The intelligent sorting of the assessment makes it nearly impossible to miss an opposition deadline.

Search profiles
Due to individual assessment profiles R&D people only have to look at relevant patent families wich have been filtered upfront. That led to a significant reduction of time effort.

Global coverage
The global data coverage including fulltext and machine translations in combination with intelligent monitoring and alarm system secures the highest security standard possible.